The San Roque Club

At San Roque you will experience the very best of Spanish and International cuisine.


Spanish Andalucian Evening - Indulge in the enchantment of a Flamenco Evening accompanied by a typical Spanish menu that includes a wide variety of tapas, set in our magnificient terrace, which exudes an air of unmistakable Andalucian flair.



Enjoy a romantic evening at the outdoor lagoon poolside restaurant and sample a variety of dishes from grilled beef and game to seafood and fresh fish with the accompaniment of live music.




They say that to get to know a country first you must know its cuisine. If you owuld like to get to know Japan, visit Kamakura, probably the best Japanese restaurant in Spain. Its superb cuisine is only surpassed by the authentic Japanese architecture.



Enjoy an extensive Spanish menu with a touch of genuine Mediterranean flavour at our Bolero restuarant, where you can enjoy your dinner in the delights of our moonlit terraces.